What is the tuition and fee structure?

What are the class schedules?

What is the refund policy?

How to get a make-up class?

Can I enroll in the middle of the school year?
Yes, the tuition will be prorated according to the number of sessions remained if a student enrolls after the course started.

What grade and class can my child enroll in?
New students may submit an online evaluation request here and submit the latest school report card here to determine the level before enrollment.

Are there branches at other locations?
See our locations at http://www.mathseed.org/locations

Some tutoring centers advertise their instructors hold Ph.D., are they better to help my child?
The learning process of young children is different from college students.  Young children require a teacher who knows how to teach them.  Most college instructors can present a math concept, but they don’t know if the student understands it or not.  They are often not able to use different teaching strategies for students with different learning abilities.  What we need from a good instructor is a balance of teaching experience and knowledge backgrounds.