Will Singapore math confuse students because their school teacher uses a different method to solve math questions?
Singapore math is in fact helping students to clarify math concepts in a visual approach that they got confused or have difficulty to understand from their school teacher.  After the student have understood the concepts, they can always use the method required the school teacher.  Click to see an example

Are the instructors certified Singapore math teachers?
Singapore math was developed by Singapore government for its own education system.  There is no official Singapore math teacher certification in U.S.
Beware of those so called “Certified Instructor” from some franchise centers.  You can check their franchise page to see their requirements for instructors.  One popular franchise mentioned NOT all their instructors have a background of teaching.  Another popular franchise’s hiring process requires their teacher passing Elementary Level Math Test, then going through 2-day lecture training and 3-hour hands-on training.  Do you still want your child going to those centers?

Some tutoring centers advertise their instructors are PhD or engineers, are they better to help my child?
We don’t need PhD or engineers to teach elementary students.  The learning process of elementary students is different from college students.  Elementary students require a teacher who knows how to teach them.  Most engineers can present a math concept, but they don’t know if the student understands it or not.  They are often not able to use different teaching strategies for students with different learning abilities.
What we need from a good instructor is a Perfect Balance of Teaching Experience and Knowledge Backgrounds.  Our professional instructor holds California Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics and had years of experience in teaching math in public schools.  She also has a degree in Mathematics.

Are there branches at other locations?
We only have centers at Fremont and Union City to provide the highest quality of service.  We offers weekend classes for students live in near by cities to join our programs.