GATE Test Prep

Why is GATE Test so challenging?
  • Students need to achieve composite percentile at 98th or higher to pass the GATE test.
  • GATE questions are very different from daily school exercises.  Students may not know what the questions are asking when they see those questions the first time.
  • Students only have around 30 seconds to complete each question on average.  Students who have never seen the similar questions prior to the test will need more time to work on the questions.  As a result, many of them cannot complete the test within the time limit.

Our GATE Program
  • Cover all 3 GATE test areas
  • Learn test taking strategies & tips
  • Sample test to familiar with the question types & test format
  • Small class size gives individual attention to each student
  • Only available for currently enrolled MathSeed students as an additional class

2018 Schedule

9/30/18 - 1/12/19 (One 1.5 hr class per week)

Fremont Stevenson center
Sunday   1:15pm - 2:45pm
Sunday   3pm - 4:30pm
Saturday 4:40pm - 6:10pm

No class on 11/19-11/25, 12/16-1/5

Location:    Fremont Stevenson center
Tuition:       $399*
Grade:        3rd grader in Fremont unified public school ONLY
Class size: Up to 8 students  (Minimum 2 students to open a class)

* GATE Test Prep course does not qualify for any discount. **Although our GATE program had a very high passing rate, but we do not guarantee all students can pass the test.