Instructor Profile


I received a Mathematics Degree from UC Irvine and hold a California Teaching Credential in Mathematics.  I have many years of teaching experiences in the public school classroom and private tutoring K-12 students in bay area. I understand that education foundation is especially important in a child’s early years. Hence, I went ahead to study Early Childhood Education for child development from infancy to adolescence.

Throughout my years as a teacher and a private tutor, I have encountered talented students who are ready to accept more challenges.  However, I also had students who were falling behind and needed extra attention. Unfortunately, due to deep budget cuts and high teacher-student ratios, resources are limited for each student. In an extreme case, I had a 10th grade student who was unable to perform basic math skills such as the order of operations.  The skill should have been learned in 4th grade.

Every student is unique. Each student learns better with different methods and progresses in different pace.  To enhance student learning, I researched on a wide range of effective teaching methods across the globe.  In conclusion, I have found Singapore and Hong Kong's teaching methods most effective.  They have helped their students score on top of the world.  I have adopted both countries’ advance teaching methodologies to help my students excel and become more competitive.  I am offering a series of mathematics enrichment courses to help students build a solid mathematics foundation during their early years.