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MathSeed vs Kumon

Compare to Kumon / self-learning program

In addition to math skills, we incorporate the problem solving skills that are used in real world corporations. After Common Core lecture, each student has individual time to try Math Olympiads questions, followed by small team work and whole group discussion to reach the solution with different approaches.



MathSeed Singapore math


Kumon or other self-learning program


Emphasize on concepts, steps, and application


Computations, answer

Lecture Style

- Interactive Lecture

- Team collaboration & group discussion to solve challenge questions


- No lecture, just supervision

- Working alone

Class Levels

No mixing up of students in different levels in the same class


Mix students of different levels in the same class

Teaching Materials

Interesting & easy to understand yet requires critical thinking


Dull repetitive worksheet

Class Size

(In-person class)


No guarantee