MathSeed Philosophy

We believe the success of education consists of the following factors:


Proven successful teaching method and materials – Singapore math teaching method is a proven successful way to teach young students. MathSeed applies this method and uses California version of Singapore math materials in our program


Students’ motivation – Singapore math teaching method and materials themselves are already motivating students’ study. MathSeed further applies an interactive class environment such as team working to motivate our students to work and learn from each other.


Parents’ involvement – MathSeed’s role is to help parents involve in their children’s education. Public schools do not have textbooks available for students to take home. We provide each of our students a textbook to bring home for reviewing while encounters problems doing homework. Parents are encouraged to use the textbook helping their children when needed.


To advance in mathematics skills, we believe in the following key factors:

Practicing – Each student will be assigned proper amount of homework to practice their newly learned math skills.

Challenging Questions
 – In each session, our students are given challenge question to be solved with team efforts.


It’s never too early, but too late
SAT Math level 1 tests up to algebra and geometry level only. However, the questions are tricky and have traps. To success in SAT Math test, the student needs excellent problem solving skills and strategies. Many students are surprised by their poor result of first SAT practice, because our school test questions are very straight forward. If the student does not have enough problem solving skills training in early age, it is too late to catch up these skills in SAT preparation course.
In our experience, we had seen 10th grade student could not perform order of operations, and a 6th grade student could not pass our 3rd grade assessment. They will need a substantial effort to catch up, or eventually they may lose motivation to continue. Typically, we see some students may start to fall behind in 3rd grade, but it may not be obvious to the parents unless finding out by detail assessment. It is already late when the parents find out from the poor school reports.