Make-up class
Students are responsible to attend their scheduled class.  MathSeed does not guarantee any make-up class availability.

If a student cannot attend the original scheduled class, the student can attend another session in the same week as make-up class ONLY IF there is space available in the other session.  Maximum capacity of each class is 8 students.  Click here to find the date of the other sessions in the same week for your grade.  Please email info@mathseed.org to request for make-up class (Email us at least ONE week before your planned missing class if possible).  We will reply by email with available make-up class schedules on the Saturday before the student's planned missing class in the following week.

In case of emergency (e.g. sickness, fever, etc) and make-up class is not available, the parents need to email us within 24 hours of the original class time to schedule a Q&A study session. 

Q&A Study Session

  • The student must schedule an appointment by email for the Q&A study session. There are limited seats.
  • The student should preview the missed class contents and prepare to ask questions before coming to the Q&A study session.  The pages of class content can be found here.
The first 5 make-up classes / study sessions in each semester are free.  There is $10 charge for additional make-up class after the 5th make-up class in the same semester. 

Parking (Mission center only)
Students who violate this parking policy are subject to withdrawal from the class.  There will be no refund for withdrawal due to policy violation.

  • Parents must not stop the vehicle on driveway to drop off or pick up their child.
  • Parents must park the vehicle in a proper parking space and then drop off or pick up the child in the classroom.  Students are not allowed to leave our office alone at any time.
  • Students and family members must not stay at courtyard or parking lot when waiting for picking up or dropping off.  They must stay inside our office.
  • Students and family members cannot stay in the courtyard or parking lot for extended time after leaving our office.  They must leave Mohawk plaza within a reasonable time. 
  • Parents cannot park their vehicle in the parking lot for the entire class session waiting till the end of class on weekdays.
All fees are due at enrollment.  A $25 fee will be charged for any returned check or rejected transaction.

Satisfaction Refund Guarantee
New students enrolled with 
Satisfaction Refund Guarantee Enrollment option can withdraw from the class any time after completing 4 sessions, we will refund the remaining prorated tuition.  Continuing students enrolled with Satisfaction Refund Guarantee Enrollment option can withdraw any time.  The student must give written notice (email) 15 days before withdrawal.  Discount will be reverted if discount requirements are not met at the time of withdrawal.  There is a minimum tuition charge of 4 sessions for new students.  Registration fee and material fee are not refundable.  There will be no refund for Opt-out refund enrollment when withdrawing from the class.  No exception for any reason.  Opt-out refund enrollment cannot be changed to Satisfaction Refund Guarantee Enrollment option after completing enrollment.  MathSeed reserves the right to withdraw any student from the class at any time.

No credit or refund is given for absence.  
Students are responsible to attend their scheduled class.

Late Enrollment
The tuition is prorated according to the number of sessions remained if a student enrolls after the course started.

Late fee
There is a $20 late fee if balance is not paid within a week of the due date. The student will be withdrawn from the class if balance is not paid within 2 weeks of the due date.

Late Pick up
Please pick up your child within 10 minutes after the end of the class. Late pickup fee will be assessed at $1/minute.

Class Observation
Parent observations for new or potential students are by appointment only and may last no longer than 15 minutes.

For everyone's health and safety, please keep your child home if any of the following symptoms exist. 
 If children become sick during the class, we will notify parents to come and pick them up.
  • Fever of 100 F (38.7 C) degrees or higher, child must maintain a normal body temperature for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to class.
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Competition program
Math competition program DOES NOT follow school curriculum.  Students are responsible for all school works, exam, and standardized test.

GATE program
MathSeed does not guarantee all students can pass the GATE test.

Personal properties
MathSeed is not responsible for any loss of personal properties such as textbooks, workbooks, etc.

MathSeed reserves the right to change this policy and agreement at any time.

Contact Us:

Email: info@mathseed.org

Tel: (510) 516-0280