Math Circle Competition Program

    Program Description
    • Math Olympiads, Math League & Math Kangaroo
    • AMC 8/10 and MATHCOUNTS
    • Enhances Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills
    • Problem Solving & Logical Thinking
    • Speed Math & Mental Math
    • Small Group Learning for Individual Attention
    • Weekly Homework
    • Fremont Math Circle
    • National Association of Math Circles
    • MATHCOUNTS Gold Level Club

    Students will be assigned between Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 according to the assessment result.

    Schedule:  Click to see Calendar

    Note: Math Competition Program DOES NOT follow school curriculum.  Students are responsible for all school works, exam, and standardized test.  Please check our Singapore math Hybrid Program and Combo Discount if the students need help on school curriculum.