Singapore math Hybrid Program

  • Competitive Math Training included
  • Align to Common Core State Standards
  • Visual Approach Problem Solving
  • Algebraic Thinking for Word Problems
  • 6th Grade Placement Test Preparation for Junior High Math Pathways
  • Challenging Word Problems
  • Lecture-Style Interactive Class
  • Small Group Learning for Individual Attention
  • Weekly Homework

Students must take an assessment before enrollment.

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Singapore math Grade 1

A problem solving introduction course that helps students develop thinking skills and mental math.  Course covers math concepts on number bonds, position, money, length, capacity, shapes, number comparing, multiplication, division, graphs.

Singapore math Grade 2

This class is designed to help students build confidence and stronger logical thinking skill.  Students learn number system, place value, fractions, mental math, tables, graphs, geometry, multiplication, division, length, weight, capacity, time and money concepts, addition & subtraction multi-digit decimal numbers, etc.

Singapore math Grade 3

Students learn more problem solving strategies in lessons, and focus on thought process.  Our topics include multiplication & division, distributive property, estimate & mental calculation, number pattern, fractions, multi-step problems, data analysis, length, weight, two dimensional area & perimeter, volume, and more.


Singapore math Grade 4

Course encourages active thinking process, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving.  This course covers long multiplication & division, order of operation, negative number, fraction and mixed number, factors and multiples, geometry, four operations of decimals, congruent and symmetric figures, coordinate graphs and changes in quantities, statistics, data analysis and probability, etc.

Singapore math Grade 5

The course emphasizes on math concept development, critical thinking, and efficient problem-solving skills.  Students will learn number theory, prime factorization, common multiples, properties of fractions, decimals, negative number, geometry, perimeter, area, surface area, 3-D measures and volume, ratios, percentage, angles, average and rate, statistics & data analysis, algebra, and more.


Singapore math Grade 6

This course helps students develop a solid mathematical foundation for more advanced classes.  Mastering the model drawing approach enables students to visualize and solve mathematical problems quickly and efficiently.   Topics include number theory, four operations of fractions and decimals, rate, speed, ratio and proportion, geometry, circle, volume of prisms and cylinders, triangles and quadrilaterals construction, data and probability, negative numbers, pre-algebra, statistics & probability, etc.

Grade 7 CC2 & Grade 8 GFA (Geometry & Foundational Algebra)

This course covers Fremont Unified School District 7th grade accelerated pathway Common Core curriculum.  Topics include Algebra Expression, Linear Equations, Triangles and Quadrilaterals, Sequence, Cartesian Coordinate System, Slopes, Probability, Pythagorean Theorem, Volume and Surface Area of Geometric Figures, etc.
Algebra I

This course covers Fremont Unified School District 8th grade accelerated pathway Common Core curriculum.  Topics include Proportions, Absolute Value, Slopes, System of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Quadratic Equation, Cartesian Coordinate System, Function, etc.