Testimonials from parents

"Megan is an excellent Math teacher.  She makes learning fun. My 5th grader has been learning with her for almost a year now.  She has made Math fun for my daughter; she now looks forward to learning Math from Megan and at School. Megan has helped her become confident and focused and given her strategies, that she was not getting from her school teachers, to work faster and make very little calculation errors. My daughter who was starting to fall behind, middle of last year, to getting an A+ in her final quarter due to Megan.  I highly recommend Megan and Singapore Math Program." - Mom of 5th grader at Woodland School
"Megan has been a math tutor to my daughter. Megan taught my daughter Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry throughout her 10th and 11th grade. Our daughter was initially struggling with some of the math concepts. We found Megan through a reference from a friend. We were very glad to have Megan tutoring our daughter. Megan is an extraordinary tutor. Megan is very familiar with the concepts of the Algebra and Geometry text books and has been very impactful with helping our daughter master the skills. Our daughter has developed a positive attitude towards learning in the classroom and she tremendously improved her grades. I would give Megan my highest recommendation as a tutor. We thank Megan for her contributions towards our daughter’s academic progress." - Parents of 11th grader

"Thanks for helping my kids.  My son got into Math honors, the only reason is you inspired him to do well. 
Also, Narmada did very well in her Math AP class and scored A in that semester. She told me many times that she finds math very easy now to understand as you helped her to understand the concepts in a very easy way." - Mom of 6th & 9th graders in Fremont

"I have observed that it really worked out between you and Nidhi. I am actually less involved than what I used to...  I have seen change in Nidhi's confidence on Math. This class has been adding value to her curriculum too." - Mom of 5th grader in Fremont

“We wanted to tell you that she is more enthusiastic about math… Your class, however, has given her some confidence in math which was lacking before. She tells me she participates in math class discussions now.   She loves the games you play in your class and she tells us she is enjoying the Sunday classes.” - Parents of 2nd grader at St Joseph School

“We are very pleased that he did good in the quiz.  He wouldn't even want to try to do it in the past.” - Parents of 5th grader

“Thanks for tutoring my son.  I also found he has consistently performed well in all Math tests at school this year.”-Mom of 3rd grader at Gomes Elementary School

"We are very happy with her improved understanding of the concepts. We appreciate the effort you are putting into her learning.” - Parents of 6th grader

"Megan has been tutoring my daughter for a year now. During this time, we have found Megan to be a committed teacher. Her knowledge of the subject matter is excellent. And she is good at focusing on the weak areas of her student. My daughter has been doing well in her High school math class with Megan's help." - Mom of 10th grader at San Mateo High School

"My son was struggled with math. But since coming to Ms. Megan, his grade improves and has more confidence in his math skills" - Mom of 6th grader at Chadbourne Elementary School

“Thank you so much for being such excellent teacher to my boys. They really learnt and were looking forward to your class every week.” - Mom of 2 students at Mission San Jose Elementary School

Testimonials from our students