Student Scholarships for School Year Program


FREE Tuition

  • Students who achieved AMC 8 Distinguished Honor Roll (Top 1%)


40% Off Tuition

Students who achieved one of the following:

  • AMC 8 Honor Roll (Top 5%), or

  • Ranked National 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the latest Math Kangaroo competition, or

  • Scored 25 points in the latest MOEMS Math Olympiads


25% Off Tuition

Students who achieved one of the following:

  • AMC 8 Achievement Roll, or

  • Scored 24 points in the latest MOEMS Math Olympiads, or

  • Received National or Regional Award Medal in the latest Continental Math League (CML)


10% Off Tuition

Students who achieved one of the following:

  • National ranking within 10 in the latest Math Kangaroo competition, or

  • Scored 100 points in the latest fall or spring Noetic Math contest


Scholarships will be granted for the enrollment of the following school year program. Only one scholarship for each student and cannot be combined with other discounts except early bird promotion.  There will be no refund for the remaining tuition for any reason after accepting MathSeed scholarships.  For re-enrolling students want to qualify for scholarships with Math Kangaroo, AMC, CML, or Noetic math contest, the student must participate in those competitions through MathSeed in the previous school year.


Transfer Discount

Get extra 20% off on 1st month (4 weeks) tuition at enrollment for the school year program when transferring from a math program in another tutoring center. 

Must provide enrollment receipt with student name from another math tutoring program showing:

1) Current math program enrollment; or

2) Math program enrollment ended within 1 month



Referral Credit

  • Receive $50 credit for each new family referred by current students

  • The referred family must not already be on our contact list

  • The referred family must write the referring student's name on the registration form

  • Credit will be available after the new student has completed 6 sessions in math class, or 1 month in after-school program

  • Credit can be used as tuition for next re-enrollment only (except summer program)


Combo Discount - Get 10% Off on the 2nd Program

When a student enrolls in two programs during the academic year, the 2nd program tuition of equal or lesser value will be 10% off.  There will be no additional discount after receiving 10% off on tuition. If the student withdraws from any program, the remaining combo discount will be deducted.



Sibling Discount

When 2 or more students in the same family enrolled in the same enrollment, the 2nd and after siblings' tuition of equal or lesser value will get 10% discount.  Sibling discount does not apply on summer program. Sibling discount cannot be combined with any other discount/promotion. If the sibling withdraws from the program, the remaining sibling discount amount will be deducted.

Satisfaction Guarantee

New student can withdraw from the class any time after completed 4 sessions, we will refund the remaining prorated tuition.
The student must give written notice 15 days before withdrawal.  There is a minimum tuition charge of 4 sessions. See policy page for terms and conditions.