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Instructor Profiles

Megan (Founder of MathSeed)
Megan received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from University of California Irvine and holds a California Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. She has years of teaching experiences in public school classrooms and private institutes. She was a member of textbook adoption committee in the school district she taught at. Megan was also a math instructor at Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY). She understands that education foundation is especially important in a child’s early years. Hence, she went ahead to study Early Childhood Education for child development from infancy to adolescence at college. Throughout her years as a school teacher, she has encountered talented students who are ready to accept more challenges. She also had students at school who were falling behind and needed extra attention. Later, Megan founded MathSeed in Fremont, California to help students build a solid mathematical foundation for school curriculum and national math contest.

Ms. Madeline has been a math teacher in different capacities, from teaching a small group of 3 students to a classroom of 30 students. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics and California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. She also received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences. Ms. Madeline has experience working with K-12 age children from Fremont Unified School District, New Haven Unified School District, Newark Unified School District, and other private institutes. Her goal is to be responsive to the developmental needs of school aged students. She believes the Singapore Math method is a great way of promoting active learning in order to engage young minds. It gives the opportunity for students to play an active role in their learning process. Ms. Madeline has been teaching at MathSeed since 2015.

Alex, Ph.D.
Alex received his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California, Davis. He works as a Research Scientist and Bio-Engineer. Alex has taught various levels of students, including graduate, undergraduate and high school. He is always passionate about teaching, especially teaching math and science classes. He feels extremely delighted when students solve a problem with his guidance. Alex enjoys having conversations with students and motivates them by connecting the knowledge with real life experiences. He loves to teach young kids about the beauty of math.



Pearl received her BA with honor in applied mathematics from UC Berkeley and was accepted to Ph.D. program in computational math at Stanford. Prior joining Mathseed, she worked as head of research and development for an educational company. Growing up in a family with all professor members in physics and engineering, Pearl inherits family tradition in teaching with rigor while guiding students to learn with interest. During the years of study, Pearl has experience in both online and in-person teaching from all levels of math and cs, being favored by many celebrities in Silicon Valley with efficient teaching methods and state-of-art knowledge.


Augustine graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He has a passion for robotics. He has seven years of competition experience, including competing at the VEX Robotics World Championships four times. Before joining MathSeed, Augustine had worked with a variety of classroom settings including English classes in Taiwan, summer robotics camps in public school, and Sunday school at his church. Outside of engineering and teaching, Augustine enjoys good food with good company and clever games.

Ms. A
Ms. A has been working in the education field since 2011. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from California State University Long Beach and a Master's degree in Education from University of the Pacific. She is currently teaching in a middle school. She loves teaching and is excited to work with the students in strengthening and growing their math skills.



Mr. Jeffrey has a Master of Science degree in Statistics from UCI and a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics (Honors Program) from UCLA. He started teaching students calculus and physics during his freshman and sophomore years of college and was the president of the De Anza College mathematics club where he lectured higher mathematics. Mr. Jeffrey has enjoyed mathematics ever since he was a child. This became especially true when he took calculus and physics, as it allowed him to think of mathematics in a dynamic fashion. His teaching philosophy is to have students gain an intuitive understanding of subjects they are learning, allowing them to be more effective problem solvers. This often takes a visual approach as students tend to make sense of dynamic concepts like derivatives in terms of a picture. Mr. Jeffrey also does things from an adaptive problem approach. For instance, he works through a few math problems with a student and then gives them new problems based on weak points discovered, and then continues this iterative process. With his approach, the students work on problems specific to the types of areas in which they are faltering. Mr. Jeffrey also places emphasis on challenging problems to boost critical thinking in novel situations, which is characteristic of challenging exam environments.

After graduating from UCLA, Mr. Jeffrey decided that he liked educating so much that he became a full-time coach of mathematics and science. He taught test prep courses on exams such as the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, AP, etc. Mr. Jeffrey has accumulated well over a decade of educational experience. Mr. Jeffrey has experience teaching all ages, from kindergarten to grad students. His extensive experience in teaching allows him to adapt well to each student’s learning style.

When Mr. Jeffrey is not teaching, he likes to read and research pure mathematics, study machine learning, do freelance statistical consulting, and trade equities and commodities. He enjoys creating mathematical art programmatically using topology and the Monte Carlo method and has made hundreds of pieces so far. Moreover, Mr. Jeffrey is a voracious reader, consuming both fiction and non-fiction alike.

Robert is a dedicated, highly enthusiastic educator. Driven to embrace innovation, he is passionate about teaching and encourages students to unlock their full potential. Robert holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. He has a Teacher Certificate for Elementary Education in Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Robert has been teaching since 2008. He has educated students in K – 12th grades, with a particular focus on those involved with Special Education, on a variety of subjects. He has also assisted adult students with resume writing, career counseling, and interview training. Besides working with MathSeed, he is also a substitute teacher for kindergarten through 12th grades.



Sindhu has a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics. She also completed a master's degree in Pure Mathematics and a Bachelor's degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in India. She is passionate about teaching a diverse community of students. She is driven to engage reluctant learners and foster enthusiasm within students. Her experience teaching students started in India and continued teaching after she moved to the United States. She looks forward to interacting with more students and sharing her passion for mathematics with them.


Ms. Aleysha graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Bioengineering and a minor in Data Science and has been accepted to the Ph.D. program of Bioengineering at UC San Diego. Since high school, she has been driven to not only harness scientific concepts from lectures into innovative experiments at the lab bench, but further strived to encourage critical understanding through tutoring students across STEM subjects. Throughout college, while continuing gene therapy and bioinformatics research pursuits, Ms. Aleysha extended this passion for expanding access to student-driven research and opportunities to translate theory into tangible projects by leading a team of undergraduates through iGEM (a synthetic biology research competition), mentoring different teams of high school students to synthesize bioengineered solutions to student-identified, medical problems, and serving as a peer advisor for undergraduates in navigating on-campus research opportunities. Aside from lab work and teaching, she enjoys spending her free time reading, exploring local cafes, and practicing street photography.


Jyoti has an Master's degree in Mathematics and Bachelor's degree in Education from India. She also possesses Certificate of Achievement in Early Childhood Education from De Anza College, Cupertino. Jyoti has experience in teaching Preschool/Pre-k students since 2019. She is enjoying teaching Elementary school kids for the past years. She is passionate about working with kids and always wanted to teach Math to the student. She is very excited to start the teaching journey with MathSeed and looking forward to build student’s strong math skills.


Nicholas received a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with a concentration in Ocean Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He enjoys working with students. He mentors them with homework, performing arts and crafts activities, and coaches outdoor activities. Nicholas has been teaching students math for years, accommodating a wide variety of ages from K-12. He works with students to increase their understanding of math as well as plan for future goals. He individualizes his methods of teaching by assessing what concepts are difficult for the student. Nicholas now studies Art in hopes of building a career in design.

Ms. Kavita holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Sciences. She has taught abacus for 5 years. She likes the day to day interaction with children and their parents. The hard work and effort put in by them has motivated Ms. Kavita to be a better teacher. She likes to create a classroom that inspires and encourages children to learn and express. Ms. Kavita has two sons. Her older son is in UC San Diego and the younger son is starting high school. Ms. Kavita loves arts, music, dancing and painting; she enjoys exploring antique markets.


Ms. Srimathi holds a Bachelor's degree in engineering with a specialization in computer science. She has done certification programs for further specialization in Internet programming. She is very passionate about technology and education. Ms. Srimathi is currently teaching Math and Science to elementary school children and conducts several workshops, after-school programs, and summer camps. She adopts an interactive teaching method where children are encouraged to ask questions and participate in a discussion, so that even complex topics can be explained to students in a fun and understandable manner.


Former Instructors


Patrick, Ph.D
Patrick received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong and a Master of Science in Bioengineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has UK professional qualifications, as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and a Chartered Mathematician (Cmath). Over the past 15 years, he has been teaching students of different ages. He was also a visiting Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Besides teaching students Math and Science, he loves to spend time with his daughter, play squash and badminton, practice Chinese kung fu, and take care of animals.

Ms. Elizabeth graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor's degree in Neurobiology and a minor in Psychology & English Literature. She is currently a student at Stanford University pursuing a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics. She is very passionate about the benefits of teaching having been on both sides of the teaching relationship throughout her academic career. She has greatly benefited both from learning from others and passing her knowledge to others. She wants to help pass on her passion for learning through MathSeed's class sessions and help students to accomplish their best while showing them the impact that their education now will make in the future. When not at work, she enjoys researching new advances in neuroscience, reading, baking, and blogging.



Martin was accepted to the Harvard Astronomy Ph.D. program after graduating from UC Santa Cruz Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Physics. He has been an educator for over six years in multiple roles as a mentor, tutor, and teacher.  Martin has had students ranging from ages 6 to 40+ in a variety of subjects from Math, Physics, Statistics, Python, Chemistry, and English. He tutored at private institutions, community colleges, universities, and home-schooled students.  Martin has over three years of experience as an astrophysics researcher and has published a first-authored publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. During his time researching, he traveled around the world presenting his work and collaborating with the global scientific community.  Ultimately, astrophysics wasn't his passion, helping others was.  Martin encourages students to critically think about the concepts we cover and infuse real-world examples of the material at hand. I understand how it feels to struggle with school. His experiences prove that any student can reach the highest levels of achievement. “It's an honor to be a teacher. I do my best to provide my students with the support they need to reach their goals and have a fulfilling academic experience.”



Ms. Kanika has been teaching different grade levels at MathSeed since 2015. She holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University and Bachelor of Science in Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Systems. She worked as a software engineer before changing her career teaching at MathSeed and Milpitas Unified School District.


Ms. Ish holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering. She worked as a senior Lecturer in college teaching engineering subjects such as Digital Electronics, Field theory, Signal processing and Telecommunications. She enjoys teaching in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). She also works as paraeducator at Fremont Unified School District (FUSD). She likes to give her students a fun-filled learning classroom.


Ms. Honey holds MS degree in Mathematics from CSU East Bay and Data Science Toolbox certification from John Hopkins University. She has four years of experience in math and science course development. She is also a math instructor at Ohlone college.




Ms. Kalpa graduated from Santa Clara University with an MBA in Finance. She has a Masters degree in Physics and a Bachelor's degree in Education. Ms. Kalpa is a retired teacher who taught high school physics since 1985. She also volunteered to tutor children from elementary to high school.


Mrs. Shah
Mrs. Shah holds Master of Science in Computer Application and Bachelor of Science in Statistics. After completing her Masters, she worked as an Assistant professor at college, where she taught Computer Science to post-graduate students for 7 years. She also has years experience in private tutoring. Mrs. Shah has a passion for teaching. She wants to expose students to different ways of thinking and learning mathematics. She believes that can help students to improve their problem solving abilities. She loves to demonstrate to students that math can be useful, exciting, engaging and fun at MathSeed. Mrs. Shah has been teaching at MathSeed since 2017.

Ms. Yaning received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Economics from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She also holds a Master of Science in Financial Analysis from University of San Francisco. Ms. Yaning has taught students from 1st grade to 12th grade as well as SAT preparation. She is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom environment that is encouraging, and child-centered curriculum based on student's needs and interests. Ms. Yaning loves mathematics and children. Her goal as a math teacher is to help children get interested in learning mathematics, help them to build up mathematics thinking skills from childhood, and lay a solid foundation for their future mathematics study.



Mrs. Kaur
Mrs. Kaur holds a Master of Science in Mathematics and California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics. She also holds a Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Physics & Chemistry. She has been teaching Math since 2005 before joining MathSeed.



Ms. Cindy is a teacher candidate at San Jose State University for her Master of Arts in Education. She has enjoyed many different classroom settings. For two years, she volunteered in classrooms and as a substitute teacher. She likes to travel and has been to Japan, Hong Kong, Chicago, Hawaii, Florida, and many other places. She is also a foodie and loves trying out various types of cuisine.



Ms. Vidya holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She worked in the IT field for 5 years. Math is her favorite subject. She loves teaching and has been tutoring Math and English for elementary and middle school students. She likes to teach and share her knowledge with children.



Ms. Priyanka holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering.  She has taught lower grade common core classes for about 1 year.

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