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What is the date and time of your class


It can be found in one of the following ways:

1. Look for the class meeting in your child's Google Calendar

2. Log in to, go to Enrollments on the menu, select Order History. Expand your order to see the details.


Where is the online class link


  • Accept the Google Calendar invitation in your child's Gmail account; otherwise, you may not be able to find the online class link. 

  • Find the class link at Google Meet or Google Calendar on the class date by logging into your Child's Google account you have provided in the registration form.

  • All the class links for future classes are in the Google Meet or Google Calendar on that class date. You won't receive another email invite. The future class links may be changed. Always get the updated class link from Google Meet or Google Calendar on that class date

  • If you submitted a non-Gmail account at registration, then you may not receive the Google Calendar invite to the online class.  

  • Don't decline the Google Calendar invitation, otherwise, you will not receive class link updates in the future and may not be able to join the class.

  • If you need to use another Google Account to join the online class, please fill out this form to update your child's Gmail in our registration record. It will be updated in Google Calendar the following week.  



How to join the class


  • For the security and protection of our students, and also for the teacher to identify your child, all students must join the class with the student's first name and last name, not a fake name. Parents' Google accounts not showing child's first name and last name will not be allowed to join the class.

  • If you prefer to use your existing Google Account, please update the account with your child's first name and last name.

  • Please create a Google Account with your child's first name and last name. Do not create the Google account as a child custodial account. Google does not allow this type of account to join Google Meet. This account is for parents to manage their child's online class, Google Classroom, and participation of online contests if needed. You don't have to give the login ID and password to your child for access if you don't want to. After creating a Google account with your child's name, please fill out this form to submit a request to update the student's email address in our registration record. We only send the invitations of online classes, Google Classroom, and contests to this student's email address.

  • School email, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc do not work. Don't use them.

  • If you need to use another Google Account to join the online classplease fill out this form to update your child's Gmail in our registration record. It will be updated in Google Calendar the following week.   

  • Your child may also enter their name manually before joining the online class if all Google accounts on the browser are logged out.



To Join the Class Without Requesting Permission


Log into Google Meet using the same Google Account that you received the class invitation in Google Calendar. Click the Google Account icon at the top right corner of the page to add or switch to the account and sign in to the online class (See picture below).

Google Meet Account.jpg

During the class


  • For the security and protection of our students, and to avoid any strangers or hackers, all students must turn on the camera for the entire class. It can also let the teacher make sure your child is paying attention and doing classwork during the class. You can turn on background blur if it is available for your computer but not virtual background.

  • Change the google meet layout to "Spotlight" after joining the class

  • Please prepare a paper notebook for your child to do the classwork.

  • Please encourage your child to not hesitate asking questions in the class if there is any doubt.


Help your child focusing during the class

  • Install parental control software on your child's computer, at router level, or DNS level to restrict your child from visiting inappropriate websites during the class time.

  • Let your child sit near to parents during the class time

  • Install a camera behind your child, so that they know parents are monitoring them anytime during the class.



Try the following steps and check the Google support pages below if there is any performance issue on Google Meet


In Google Meet

  • Allow Google Meet to use your microphone and camera

  • Change the google meet layout to "Spotlight" after joining the class

  • Turn off Background Blur and Virtual Background


On Computer

  • Use Google Chrome browser on a Windows or Mac computer, not a tablet.

  • Close all other applications on the computer during the class.

  • Make sure you only have one Google Meet tab open at a time. Close any open browser tabs, windows, or apps that aren’t currently being used. 

  • Unmute the speaker and microphone.  Turn up the volume.

  • Enable Echo Cancellation and disable Far Field Pickup if your computer has these features

  • Turn off any Chrome extensions, especially Meet-specific ones. 

  • Update your Chrome browser regularly.

  • Avoid blocking the computer ventilation. Put the computer on a flat and hard surface to prevent it from overheating. Avoid using the computer on a soft surface like carpet or bed.



  • Sit near to the Wi-Fi router, or move the Wi-Fi router near to you.  Or connect the computer to the router with an ethernet cable.

  • Avoid video streaming or large downloads on other devices on the same network during the class time.

  • Don't use VPN

  • Turn off QoS on your router

  • Update router's firmware

  • If there are still problems, please disconnect, restart the browser and rejoin the class again.  Or restart the computer and router.

Use your camera & microphone on Chrome browser

Troubleshoot audio issues in Google Meet

Troubleshoot video & audio quality in a meeting

Network settings for Google Meet


Fix an overheating laptop

How to get a make-up class?


For School Year Classes - Please fill the make-up class request form.  A new class topic starts from every Sunday.  The make-up class can only be within the same week.  We will email you to confirm the make-up class after receiving your request form.  Please fill the form at least ONE week before your planned missing class if possible.




School year class weekly homework is posted here


The homework solutions for Singapore math 1st to 5th grade classes are posted in the Google classroom.

The homework answer keys for all other classes are at the back of the books.

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