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  • National Champion in National Competitions
  • Gold Medal in Math Kangaroo
  • Top 1% in AMC 8
  • MATHCOUNTS Gold Level Club
  • National Association of Math Circles
  • FREE participation in National Competitions

  • Live Online Class
  • Lecture-Style Interactive Class
  • MOEMS Math Olympiads Prep
  • AMC 8 Prep
  • Reinforce Concepts & Foundation
  • Jump Start Next School Year Topics
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Critical Thinking & Logical Thinking
  • Singapore math
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Rest breaks during class time

  • Competitive Math training included
  • Align to Common Core State Standards
  • Visual Approach Problem Solving
  • Algebraic Thinking for Word Problems
  • 6th Grade Placement Test Preparation for Junior High Math Pathways
  • Challenging Word Problems
  • Lecture-Style Interactive Class
  • Small Group Learning for Individual Attention
  • Weekly Homework

  • Math Olympiads, Math League & Math Kangaroo

  • AMC 8/10 and MATHCOUNTS
  • Enhances Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills
  • Problem Solving & Logical Thinking
  • Speed Math & Mental Math
  • Small Group Learning for Individual Attention
  • Weekly Homework
  • Fremont Math Circle
  • National Association of Math Circles
  • MATHCOUNTS Gold Level Club

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Satisfaction Guarantee
New student can request to withdraw from the class any time after completed 4 classes.  The student must give written notice 15 days before withdrawal.
There is a minimum tuition charge of 4 classes for new students.  Remaining prorated tuition will be refunded.  See policy page for terms and conditions.

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